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PNPC is committed to improving the livelihoods and income of the Project Affected People (PAPs). The greatest challenge to successfully achieving income targets will be developing new sustainable livelihoods. As such, PNPC Environmental & Social Team are working closely with PAPs to provide technical assistance, training and equipment for a range of income generating activities. The approach encompasses (i) augmenting existing livelihoods to be more productive and better yielding; and (ii) providing training and equipment for PAPs to develop new livelihoods to supplement their existing ones. 

Prior to the start of livelihood development, the PAPs have been consulted and actively involved in a training needs assessment and identification of community preferences for livelihood development activities. 

The main activities for livelihood development which the PAPs have expressed an interest include (i) cash crop production; (ii) livestock raising; (iii) rice production; (iii) off-farm activities; and (iv) agro-forestry activities. 

With support from its district counterparts, livelihoods activities that PNPC have already commenced include (i) promotion of household vegetable gardens; (ii) technical assistance for poultry raising; (iii) equipment, fingerlings and training for aquaculture; (iv) improving coffee production through organic fertilizer use; (v) improving rice yields through herbal pesticide use; and (vi) vaccination program for livestock through training and equipping Village Veterinary Workers VVW. 

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