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Watershed Management

With full funding provided by PNPC, the Government of Lao (GOL) is implementing a series of programs to help protect the watershed of the project. The Department of Forest Resource Management has been assigned responsibility to implement the watershed management plan on behalf of the GOL. The objectives of the watershed management plan are to sustainably manage the reservoir catchment for the benefit of local communities, terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity, and securing the water resource for the reservoirs.

Watershed management programs include (i) compensatory reforestation to replace forest habitat lost during reservoir inundation; (ii) strengthened law enforcement to prevent timber and wildlife poaching; (iii) wildlife relocation during the initial reservoir inundation; (iv) environmental awareness campaign to encourage local communities to protect their environment and use the watershed in a sustainable manner; and (v) forest and wildlife monitoring to assess whether the watershed management plan is achieving its objectives. 

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