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Education is a critical component of social development and in the resettlement villages PNPC is providing support well beyond the construction and furnishing of a new school. PNPC is executing an education program with the objective to improve the level of education for resettlement children through the following activities (i) construction and equipping a new school in the resettlement area; (ii) supporting teachers’ expenses; (iii) training teachers in lesson planning and preparation of training materials; (iv) rolling out a student scholarships program; (v) providing school lunches and milk to kindergarten students; and (vi) promoting school gardens.

As well as building and equipping a new secondary school in the resettlement villages, PNPC is working with the District Education Office to ensure that all schools have sufficient teaching equipment and the teachers are adequately trained and supported.

PNPC strives to help teachers and parents maximize the potential of their schools. In 2014, a school lunch program was launched at the two kindergarten schools, as well as the promotion of school gardens to improve attendance and develop life skills.

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