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The Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) undertaken for the Project has served to identify potential physical and biological impacts on the environment as a result of the project. From this, a comprehensive Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan (EMMP) for the construction period is under development and, once this document is approved, this will be reviewed bi-annually to ensure it remains relevant to changing project circumstances. This document will set out the detailed management, monitoring and mitigation that will be required during the construction period. Subsequently, a revised EMMP for the operation period will be drafted fro approval prior to Commercial Operation Date (COD).

An Environment Unit is being established as part the Environment and Social Division with responsibility to ensure implementation of the projects environmental obligations. This includes monitoring the various contractors performance in environmental management of the construction areas and camps to ensure compliance with environmental requirements and protection standards. Additionally, the watershed area will be monitored for water quality, fisheries and biodiversity conservation.

There will be comprehensive watershed management programs aimed at protection of forest and wildlife, reforestation programs to compensate for project associated losses and environmental education programs.

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