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Social Development


Social Programs

The overriding principle for the social programs is to improve the livelihoods of Project Impacted People (PAPs). The obligations in this regard are detailed in the Concession Agreement signed with the Government of Laos on October 19th, 2012 with the overriding aim to be compliant with standards of the International Finance Corporation.

To achieve this, a comprehensive baseline survey has been undertaken of the PAPs in order to ascertain the current position of each impacted household. From this a detailed livelihoods program will be planned and initiated including health programs, education programs, agricultural outreach and infrastructure. There will be continual monitoring of the progress conducted at pertinent intervals within the project lifespan to ensure that the specified targets are being met.

The required resettlement will be undertaken with full cooperation of the PAPs themselves and the Government Resettlement Management Unit (RMU) established independently of the project by the Provincial Government. From this a comprehensive Resettlement Action Plan will be developed in line with Asian Development Bank safeguard policies, the Equator Principles for lending banks and the national laws of Laos. This program will be woven with the Social Development initiatives to ensure that livelihoods of these groups are continually improved in line with the agreed targets.

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