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PNPC is implementing a health program with the objectives to improve the health of the PAPs through (i) strengthened health care facilities including construction of a new health center; (ii) capacity building and equipment for health care workers; (iii) health education to villagers and schools to improve their knowledge, attitudes and practices for sanitation, nutrition, etc.; (iv) promotion of water, sanitation and hygiene in schools and villages; and (v) regular health check-ups, vaccinations, and monitoring the health of the local people.

Several studies were carried out during the planning phase of the project to establish a baseline for public health and to identify potential challenges to health that needed to be addressed through management and mitigation measures.

With these objectives, PNPC in conjunction with the Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Team, Ministry of Health, have developed a master plan for public health management and monitoring. The HIA Team conduct regular site visits to provide technical support and to monitor PNPC’s implementation of the health master plan.

Activities that PNPC are already conducting with support from provincial and district counterparts consist of (i) pre- and post natal health checks for mothers and children; (ii) immunization program; (iii) promotion of hand-washing and sanitation; (iv) equipment needs assessment and procurement of equipment for the health center; (v) capacity building of Village Health Volunteers and health center staff; (vi) training and provision of equipment for Traditional Birth Attendants; (vii) supplying medicine to the village drug revolving fund; and (viii) demonstrations on nutritional balanced diets. 

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