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Fish catch monitoring & fish biodiversity

PNPC recognizes the importance of the fisheries to the local community and therefore, to establish a pre-operational baseline for fisheries use by local communities, PNPC is conducting a comprehensive Fish Catch Monitoring (FCM) Program.

Local fishermen are trained, equipped, and funded to record key parameters from their daily fish catch. These parameters consist of (i) weight of catch; (ii) time taken; (iii) fishing gear used; (iv) location for fishing; (v) fish species; (vi) percentage sold and percentage eaten, etc. Data will be used to assess whether the operations of the project is having an impact on the downstream fisheries, and whether additional mitigation and/or management activities are required to avoid or reduce any adverse impact.

To fully understand fish biodiversity, PNPC has commissioned a number of fish biodiversity surveys on the Bolaven Plateau. These fish biodiversity surveys have mapped the distribution of fish species, and collected data on their biology; including spawning and feeding behavior. Whilst the surveys conclude that fish biodiversity will not be adversely impacted by project construction and operations, PNPC will continue to conduct additional surveys to assess the impact of project operations on fish biodiversity. 

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