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Engaging communities in pro-active consultation is a core aspect of the Government of Lao’s environmental and social legislation and a key requirement of many international financing institutes. Through a consultation and disclosure strategy, PNPC is ensuring that project affected communities and other stakeholders are kept well informed of environmental, social and other project related matters prior to and during the construction of the project. The objectives of PNPC’s stakeholder relations plan is to build two-way communication between PNPC and the affected community to seek input and engage communities in the development of sustainable mitigation measures.

Project stakeholder consultation and information disclosure commenced in 2010 through the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA) process. Activities conducted during the EIA/SIA process included meetings at the household, village, district, and provincial level. During these meetings, information about the Project and potential environmental and social impacts and associated management measures was disseminated and the opinions, concerns and perspectives of stakeholders were collected.

Proactive engagement of local communities has continued since the initial EIA/SIA process. More specifically, Project Affected People have been consulted on (i) the project and its potential impacts; (ii) their entitlements; (iii) compensation registration and payment process; (iv) suite of social development programs; and (v) the mechanism for grievance. 

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