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During the Detailed Design phase of the project, the design and location of project infrastructure are being reviewed and revised in order to reduce the social impact on lands owned by local communities. The alignment of key structures (i.e. Transfer Conduit, Tailrace and Transmission Lines) have already been modified to avoid, as much as possible, impacts on housing and agricultural lands.

However, impacts on community lands cannot be totally avoided and therefore PNPC has conducted comprehensive Land and Asset Surveys to document the land type, land size, and ownership. Based on the data, land owners will be adequately compensated at rates agreed at the Provincial Government level. The land owners are being fully involved in the compensation registration process and PNPC is ensuring each and every PAP knows their entitlements, compensation rates, and method for calculating their compensation.

PNPC has established a grievance procedure and trained local government and village authorities to facilitate the grievance process to guarantee that any unsatisfied PAPs are consulted in a fair manner and resolve the grievance to the satisfaction of the PAP.  

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